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Ghost Stickers

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Add ghosts to your photos easily with a large selection of transparent ghost stickers and effects. Choose from 140 transparent ghosts and effects to add...


Photo Optimizer – Space Saver

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Create more storage space on your device by compressing the photos in your gallery. Easily optimize all photos and images in your gallery in bulk....

 Photography / 147 views

Expats Live Messenger Expats Live is a free social network for expats from all over the world. Now you can meet new expats, chat and...

 Communication / 172 views

Mag Your Pic


Mag Your Pic! Choose from over 150 authentic magazine cover templates! Take a photo and instantly turn it into a real looking magazine cover! If...

 Photography / 148 views

Mash My Face


Decorate your face or that of a friends with 280 realistic and cartoon style stickers! Take a photo with your device or use a photo...

 Photography / 131 views

Have great fun chatting with strangers using your Bluetooth enabled device, no internet required! This app is great fun at airports, hotels, large waiting rooms,...

 Communication / 119 views

Solbot Energy Rush


Play as a robot and collect renewable energy resources as part of a space mission. Dodge tricky patterns, learn facts about saving energy to help...

 Arcade / 117 views

Marble Roller


Marble Roller. Tilt your phone or tab to roll the marbles into the hole. Blue marbles have to be sunk first and the red marble...

 Casual / 112 views

Wood Jumper


Planks of wood are drifting down the river and you need to jump from one plank to the other without falling into the water. Collect...

 Arcade / 107 views

Stone Age Rider


Meet Bob the caveman. He build a car, he is hungry now! Help him to drive his new car and collect as many foods as...

 Arcade / 105 views

Glow Paint Free Main Features: ColorPicker (Choose from a selection of real glowing colors) Image Gallery (Create a gallery of your drawings) Undo-Redo Option (Made...

 Entertainment / 97 views

5 Hints 1 Word. Try to guess the word using less than 5 hints. Each hint is a synonym of the answer. Progress through the...

 Word / 97 views

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