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Google Play Account Banned? Don´t Worry!

How can I get app installs when my Google Play account has been terminated?

First of all, Android is open source and Google Play is just a marketplace with a huge inventory of apps developed mostly by freelance app developers. Secondly, you can install any app or APK file onto any Android, you just need to change the security settings on your device as shown in the image below:

On your Android device:

  • Click “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to “Security”
  • Check “Unknown Sources”
  • You can now install any APK file or app outside of Google Play.

Google Play is known to terminate thousands of hard working developers accounts for the slightest mistake. They have also, through experience, terminated accounts through their own errors. It took myself over 18 months to win an appeal when my account was terminated due to a system error.

What happened with me was I launched an app, decided the name was not exactly what it should be, pulled down the live app and uploaded the same app with a more relevant name. The app I pulled down was apparently still live in the system (I did wait 8 hours or more), so I was penalised for duplicate content. That was strike three, so my account was terminated. Strike one was my own fault, strike two was a simple mistake, strike three was Google Plays system working against the developer.

No Google Play account, no worries!

Ok, you lose your Google Play account, it is a big loss but not the end of the world. You are no longer able to accept in app payments but you can still build apps with ads and get installs without going through Google Play.

You have built an app or maybe you had an app portfolio on Google Play and your account was terminated. Just upload your APK file(s) to dropbox and use the dropbox link when you submit your app here.  If your listing is compelling enough, our site visitors will still install your app. You will still earn money from ads revenue and people will still share your app on social media.

There are also tons of other sites outside of Google Play that allow you to upload APK files for Android users to install. In my opinion, the more people that do this, the better it is for Android developers. Unfortunately, for now, Google own the market share of Android apps through their own store, bloat Android devices with their own apps that you cannot uninstall and supply various libraries that are required to run apps on Android. This being said, Android is still open source, the libraries are free and the development tools are also free.

As long as you have a fully functioning app and the APK, you are free to distribute your app and get as many installs as you like. It wont rank in Google Play but it can certainly still go viral on social media and you will also earn revenue from ads.