Ghost Stickers

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Add ghosts to your photos easily with a large selection of transparent ghost stickers and effects.

Choose from 140 transparent ghosts and effects to add to photos from your gallery or camera.

The collection includes standing figures of both men, women and children, faces, full and half bodied figures, silhouettes and creepy effects that includes skulls, clowns and monsters.

Create realistic ghost photos using our large collection of unique transparent stickers. Rotate, resize and bring to front or send to back to create the perfect effect.

The transparency level of each sticker has been fine tuned to look authentic on most medium to dark backgrounds. Some stickers will work fine on lighter backgrounds, however for a much better effect it is best to use photos that have a darker background. Silhouettes will look best on a lighter background.

Also included in this app is a basic paint feature that allows you to draw in various colors and brush sizes.

An app perfect to use as a prank on family and friends. Take a photo and quickly add a ghost. It can also be used to create the next viral hoax photo on social media using built in easy to share buttons.

Whatever you want to do, this app will provide you with hours upon hours of amusement creating perfect authentic realistic ghost photos.