About App Free Ads

You have built an app. You have launched it on Google Play, iTunes or Windows App Store, that is all good, however, you need to get app views and installs to have any success.

Promoting apps is becoming more difficult as the competition increases. You could have an amazing app but you need to get it out there, not only in the app stores but on social media and search engines. It is a true fact that the more app installs, the higher the app will rank in the app marketplace. It is getting the initial installs that is the hardest part. AppFreeAds.com is a good place to get your app on social media and into search engines.

What we offer is a free advertising website for apps. List your app(s) for free as you would when selling something on a classifieds website or page. Our website is search engine friendly and each listing will become indexed in Google, Bing and all other major search engines. Each app is also posted automatically onto our Twitter account, giving you social media exposure within the app niche. Twitter followers are likely to visit your app listing and if they like what they see, will install your app.

We use RSS feeds to various feed sites and sitemaps to get all listings indexed fast in all major search engines. Our website is here to help you get your app(s) promoted in the right places and to help you get installs. Installs will increase your app rankings in the app marketplace.

Free listings compared to featured listings?

Everyone can list apps for free on our website and each listing will remain on our website for 90 days. You can renew your listing, a renewal reminder will be sent to your email address 7 days before expiry. Free listings will appear on the Latest Apps page and category pages of our website, however, as new listings are added, your listing will fall further down the page.

Featured listings will remain at the top of the category pages and on various other pages, including our homepage, in a fair rotation system, should there be more than 9 featured ads in each category. Featured listings last for the duration (90 days) of your listing in prominent positions on our website, gaining roughly 80% more exposure compared to a free listing.

What app marketplaces do we allow?

With each listing you must put the URL where the user can download your app. Normally this would be Google Play, iTunes or Windows App Store URL of your app. However, we also allow any webpage, as long as your app download link is on that page. You cannot add a webpage that contains multiple apps or any webpage that has nothing to do with your app. App Free Ads is solely an advertising and promotional platform for apps.

You can submit your app here to be listed on our website. Submitting an app is simple and each goes live as soon as you press the submit button.